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Dr. Dog

cute, fragrant and itchy pets!

Just talking to [ALLERGIES], it makes you itch, right? 

We really understand, from experience and that's why we are here to help, bringing a complete line for the special care that your 4-legged angel deserves.

after all, itching does not match with fun, right?


why Dr. Dog is different?

hypoallergenic line

ideal for sensitive, delicate skin and all races

cruelty free

we do not test on animals

fine perfumery

the entire line is inspired by high-fixture fine perfumery

does not irritate the eyes

our shampoos do not harm or irritate the eyes. ideal for washing snouts and acid tear stains

Shampoos, Conditioners, Perfumes, Hydration Mask, Bad Odor Eliminators, Sanitary Pads;

We have a complete line to take care of your pet's well being!

Click and find out!

Amante de cães
Exercício na barra fixa


Super approved!!! We already used it on Valentina (my dog) and she smelled really good and her hair was soft, not to mention that it really did not irritate her! I will buy more often for sure!

Aparar a pele


great products, left my dog's fur super soft. I recommend the purchase

Meias divertidas


thank you so much for caring! this is the 2nd time I buy it, it smells great and leaves the hair very shiny. They even sent a gift for my Pandora

Do you already know our line?

WhatsApp Image 2023-06-29 at 17.50.42.jpeg

For Dogs and Cats, with sensitive and delicate skins!


Whitening, Neutral, Puppies, Prewash 350ml and 5 liters

Produtos de Beleza Shampoo Loira Instagram Post (768 × 600 px) (1).jpg

Fainting Hair Conditioner, Hydration Mask, Leave-in, Dry Touch Moisturizer

Do you know how Dr. Dog?

Meet Romi, our inspiration


Romi, this 15-year-old Labrador lady, has always suffered with skin problems: itching, dermatitis and even a kind of dandruff, which even with a regular bath, respecting the 15-day interval, using special products, etc etc, nothing solved.  But dandruff in dogs?
Her owners then decided to research about it, and discovered that the shampoo she used in the bath caused a deep dryness, even removing her natural protection layer. This caused itching, which led to dermatitis, which led to dandruff and, with a new bath, this cycle of allergies and itching had no end! And after spending a lot with vet appointments and wrong products, and even so, she was still bothered by the itch, they decided to develop a line of products, with moisturizing ingredients, that could break this cycle and help other furry ones that still go through that. =(
For 5 years, our baby, as she is affectionately called, uses Dr. Dog and has no itch. Only in the tummy, for fun! =D

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