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Pee in the wrong place?

Educate your dog with the help of Dr. dog

No one deserves to come home and find puddles of pee all over the house, right?

On the couch, on the bed, on the kitchen floor...

Not to mention the bad smell that remains, even when drying and cleaning well. 

Did you know that you can educate your catioro with the help of pet sanitary mats? With simple training techniques (and a little patience), in a few days, he learns to do it on the mat and still has more time to play!

But is it easy to use?

It's super simple:

1. Before starting the training, we recommend having

a treat or toy as a reward for having

done in the right place!

2. Choose the appropriate place to place the toilet mat; it can be in the corner of the bathroom or service area, for example.

3. Place the mat with the plastic side down, removing the protection from the adhesive strips and fix well.

4. Limit your pet's circulation area in the first few days, so that they get used to moving close to the carpet.

5. If he urinates elsewhere, immediately place him on the toilet rug, which has an olfactory attraction to indicate the correct location.

6. Whenever he urinates on the rug, give him a treat or affection!

Extra Tip: Dogs usually urinate soon after waking up and after meals. If possible, be aware of these moments to direct your dog to the mat. 


Why choose Dr.Dog Sanitary Mats?


Extra Gel

Bad odor control

Edifício da parede de tijolo

perfect for houses or apartments

Sala de reuniões moderna

6 anti leak layers 

Banheiro de design minimalista

with adhesive tape for greater fixation and security

Retrato do cão

80x60cm - ideal for all breeds and sizes


thorough cleaning: combine with odor eliminator

Who has used:

in the first few days I thought it wouldn't work, but with patience and faith lol, Mel does it in the right place. It's always a party when she gets it right lol

Laura Castro

Chico smelled it, it was strange, but I followed his path and within 10 days he had already got used to it. it still leaks from time to time, but it has improved a lot

Ana Serra

I use it when the weather is bad and we can't walk around the building's pet space. I come back from work, and everything is organized. liked it

Bruno Costa

I used another brand that leaked every time I went to change. a disaster. I liked this one from dr dog that held the smell of pee inside the house well. I recommend

Claudia Silva

Let's start training?

7 units

R$32.99 + Free shipping

Monthly signature

R$91 + Free Shipping + 2L Odor Eliminator as a gift!

28 units

R$97 + Free Shipping + 2L Odor Eliminator as a gift!


Who we are?

Nice to meet you, we are Dr. Dog! a brand that has been on the market for 8 years developing products aimed at the Well-Being of dogs and cats, inspired by that lady labrador next door, our Romi! We hope we can help you and your #childrenwith4paws in the best way possible, with our hypoallergenic line of cosmetics and hygiene and cleaning items. 🇧🇷

Do you have any doubt?Call on ZAP:

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